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Welcome to Centre[3]Printing's digital printing division, where innovation meets precision. Our expansive range of products includes large format posters, captivating art prints, vibrant stickers, and intricate 3D printing creations. But that's not all – we also specialize in braille printing for accessibility, laser cutting for intricate designs, vinyl cutting for versatile applications, and risograph printing for unique textures. With our cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals, Centre[3]Printing's digital printing services offer unparalleled quality and endless possibilities for your creative projects.

01 Fine Art and Photo Printing

8x10 -- $9.99
11x14 -- $14.99
16x20 -- $31.12
20x30 -- $58.33


We specialize in gallery and custom size printing. Epson p20000 64” Large Format Photo Printer Canon Pro-2100 Large Format Photo Printer

02 Risograph

Rizo graph Zines, Posters,

Minimum order of 50units

20 cents per impression
$2 master set up fee
Includes some minimal pre-press service.

HD Black
Bright Red
Medium Blue

03 Braille printing & Laser Cutting

Braille Accessible Documents, Labels, Signs Contacts us for a Quote Equipment: INDEX Braille Everest-D V5

Laser Cutting

Make your own printing plates, Wood cuts, Plexiglass shapes, Paper Stencils

$0.35-0.50 cents per minute Set up fee required for complex jobs

VLS 4.75 18”x24” 60W

04 Archival Scanning

Archival Photo Scanning.

Negative Scanning

Photograph Scanning

$17.50 for every 30 min time block.

Epson V650
Epson FastPhoto-640
Epson Expression 12000XL

05 Vinyl Cutting

Wall and display vinyl
As low a $15 a Linear Foot

Equipment: Graphtec Ce7000

06 Stickers & 3D Printing

Sticker Printing
CMYK Die cut stickers
As low a $.025 cents per sticker $10/sqf

3D Printing
Bring your own files PLA and PETG avalable 15-30 cents per Gram

Equipment Prusa MK3S+ Contact us for colour availability.

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